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More. summer food porn

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Celebrate the change in seasons and eat tacos.

Harvest Tacos via The Year in Food.

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Some of the dishes we’ve done in our first 6 weeks of being open. A mixture of tasting menu and regular menu dishes. 

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More dishes from our late summer/early autumn menu & tastings.



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Sea Harvest | Kinfolk

This is how you catch some crustacean and eat them

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"Sticky toffee, pear pie…"
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"Sticky toffee, pear pie…"

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IMG_9914 копия by jevgeni40 on Flickr.
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The Non-Traditionalist Dinner Review


The form of utensils and cookware has a long history that is not only telling to cultural practices but to our own evolution as a species. Nearly 10,000 years ago we start to see skeletons without teeth, a corollary to the invention of clay pots that allowed food to be broken down into a mushy consistency for the first time, giving people without teeth the ability to get an abundance of nutrients. In Chinese cuisine having a knife at the table was considered violent and obtuse, therefore ingredients had to be processed to bite-sized pieces which encouraged the use of a single utensil, the chopstick. Utensils are the baseline of eating, they set the stage for the type of meal, they forecast which dishes will be served, they speak to the philosophy of the eating style and they influence the behaviors that will happen around the table. 


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peach, pistachio, caramel crumble.
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